Walter Harding, Your Ward 3 Candidate for Councilor, St. John's Newfoundland 2017
Thank You For Your Time!

My name is
Walter Harding and I am humbled, proud and honored to offer myself as a candidate for our Ward 3 seat on St John's council in our upcoming municipal election this September, 2017.

I was born in this, our beautiful city of St John's, in the late 1960s and myself and my 5 siblings greatly benefited from being raised by an amazing Mother who worked tirelessly day after day to raise 6 children on her own. Our Mother instilled in us the character traits of compassion,generosity and dogged determination as she worked multiple jobs to make sure we were clothed, fed, safe and protected.

My wife and I are long-time residents of Ward 3 with a combined 80 years of living in this Ward, working in this Ward, doing our shopping in this Ward, and have spent many years cleaning up our Ward 3 by hosting and sponsoring many community cleanups.

For the year 2015, I was honored to be awarded 'Citizen of the Year' by Clean St. John’s for all my community cleanup events and for working tirelessly with the city on improvements to our Ward 3.

I have enjoyed being a loud and strong voice for our Ward 3 over the years and I feel it is my responsibility to you to take a more active role as a community Leader and to give you and all residents of Ward 3 the loyal partner, the strong ear and the loud voice that you so deserve.

My wife and I live right in the heart of Ward 3 and see every day the improvements it needs and as someone who takes great pride in my community I'd appreciate the opportunity to take on a more active role in implementing these positive changes as your Ward 3 councillor.

I have the enthusiasm, the compassion, the work ethic, the drive and the time required to be the best and most effective representative for you and for us.

Here are some of the things I believe we can work together to make improvements on.

  • An immediate reinstatement of our twice a year bulk garbage pick up service.
  • Improved snow clearing and ice control procedures, especially on cul de sacs.
  • A renewed effort to increase patrols and enforcement of our blue zone parking regulations.
  • Stricter regulations regarding the untrained use of consumer fireworks.
  • A fairer property tax structure for residents who do not receive garbage collection or snow clearing services, yet, they are forced to pay for them.
  • Implementation of our own St John's municipal traffic enforcement. We deserve that visual deterrent and revenue generator.
  • New policy regarding members of council who vacate their seat to attempt to get elected provincially or federally before honoring their 4-year commitment.
  • Improvements to our walking trails and bicycle lanes.
  • Better regional cooperation, communication and coordination. It can save us a lot of tax dollars.
  • Better protection for and investment in our remaining heritage properties
  • Responsibly prioritize our ' needs' vs our 'wants' so as to spend every tax dollar wisely.
  • Lead by example to make certain council is crystal clear, open and transparent.
  • A more reliable public transit system with expanded routes and proper shelters at majority of bus stops.

Our city of St. John's is the oldest City in North America and at the same time that we need to realize sustainable growth, we must also realize that we must retain our past, our history, what makes us so different, and what makes us so unique.

I hope to be able to work on all of these and other initiatives as your Ward 3 representative on our St . John's city council.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas on ways to improve our city, please reach out to me via email. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me

Walter Harding
Ward 3 Candidate


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